By Lisa James, Business Development Manager, Resolve Insight

We recently had the pleasure of attending two industry events – The Future of Construction (#FCON2023) and the Property Council of Australia’s behind-the-scenes of the Atlassian Central project– that were both engaging and inspiring and led us to the conclusion that the construction industry is ripe for change; and by change, we mean embracing the digital world.

That being said, we know that the prospect of change can bring challenges for some, especially in an industry known for sticking to the old-guard and tried-and-tested ways of doing things.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it’s a mindset we encounter all too often, so we are always open to encouraging a healthy discourse about how digital tools – such as comprehensive 3D prototypes, for example – can not only benefit a construction, engineering or design business, but also transform the way work is done while vastly improving efficiency.

At Resolve Insight, we’re no strangers to empowering change in the construction industry and implementing digital innovations into our own operations. In fact, whether we’re working on data centres, infrastructure projects, commercial towers, or airport carousels, we’re constantly adapting – and in some cases, building new technology – to streamline the way a design is created and then built.

Drawing from the many discussions we’ve had with prospective clients and others in the industry, here are some thought starters we hope will inspire you and your team to open the door to digital innovation and the many efficiencies they deliver.

  1. Start small—implement BIM on one project or process (such as cost estimating) and measure the results against how you used to do things.
  2. Keep in mind the end goal—greater efficiency in your day. Data shows that implementing BIM on your projects alone will result in a 25% increase in efficiency, reduce risk, and save money… That means you get one extra day per week to focus on what counts!
  3. Digital Training—get an expert in to train you on how to get started with BIM and start working in the digital space, with a strong focus on the value that it will bring.
  4. BIM Manager—work with a qualified and construction industry experienced BIM Manager to help facilitate BIM in your projects.
  5. Get all your team involved in the digital discussion—in lunchrooms, in meetings, how it will help everyone gain more time in their week and ultimately make more money! Share the wins.
  6. Attend as many digital-focused events as you can so you get inspired from thought-leaders while seeing firsthand how digital innovations can come to life.

To find out more about how our team can help you instil a digital-first approach to the way you design, build and manage project, please get in touch with us on